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Associate Professor at University of Business and Technology

Associate Professor – Assistant Professor


UBT invites applicants with USA, UK and French (Native Nationality), for a number of academics openings in different engineering disciplines with associate or assistant professor ranks. We are interested in outstanding candidates in the following areas:

1. Industrial Engineering: Should be able to teach all basic IE courses at undergraduate level, such as: operations research, simulation, human factors, facilities and planning, safety, etc…
2. Civil Engineering (with emphasis on transportation): should be able to teach courses such as: Surveying, transportation, highway design and materials, etc.
3. Civil Engineering (with emphasis on construction): Should be able to teach CE courses such as: Statics, dynamics, structural analysis I and II, design of reinforced concrete I and II, design of steel structures, construction engineering, construction estimate, advanced methods of constructions, design of masonry structures, pre-stressed concrete design, repair of reinforced concrete, design of rigid pavement, pavement analysis and design, etc.
4. Civil Engineering (with emphasis on geotechnical and foundation): Should be able to teach CE courses such as: Statics, civil engineering materials, pavement analysis and design, soil testing, field investigation, etc.
5. Electrical Engineering (with emphasis on electronics and communications): Should be able to teach courses such as electrical and electronics measurements, electronics I and II, digital electronics, introduction to communications, communication circuits, communication theory, communication systems, etc.
6. Electrical Engineering (with emphasis on computer engineering): should be able to teach courses such as: Computational methods in engineering, data structure and algorithms, digital design I and II, microprocessors and microcomputers, computer communication networks, operating systems, etc.

Applicants must hold a doctorate in an appropriate field with minimum rank of assistant professor. They must demonstrate an ability to conduct outstanding research, and show promise for excellent teaching. Applications at all levels will be considered; salary packages will commensurate with qualifications and experience
Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, a research statement, a teaching statement, three recent publications, and complete contact information for at least three references

Job purpose:
Delivering lectures utilizing quality methods and approaches to enhance students learning. Also, actively participates in departments activities

Major Areas of Responsibility:
1. Provide equal access to learning – without lowering academic standards or expectation -to teach students. within a college department according to the level of courses
2. Advising and helping students through the educational process
3. formulate and teach from a daily lesson plan from which lecture notes are devised to dispense the required information to students in a systematic and sequential format. Additionally, Associate professors must develop evaluative measures to determine the student’s level of comprehension and conceptualization, usually through scheduled periodic exams, the dreaded mid-term, and finals
4. should be able to communicate effectively and relate to the students, enjoy working with his students, and be effective motivators. he must exercise self-discipline and be able to work with little direct supervision


A strong knowledge of the subject area
Excellent interpersonal, oral and written
Communication skills
Ability to work collaboratively Mastering of English language

Duties & Responsibility:
1. Delivers lectures, seminars and tutorials according to a syllabus and text-books that are agreed to by the Department Head
2. Looks into creative ways to achieve quality student-learning
3. Carries out the academic load as designated by Academic Administration (up to15 Credit Hours for Associate and Assist Prof, and up to 12 Credits for full time Professors)
4. Assists in the development of learning materials and maintains records to monitor student progress, achievement and attendance
5. Enters student grades and absence records promptly into the Academic Operating System (OPERA)
6. Creates and supervises student’s projects.
7. Hands in or updates the course file at the end of each academic session. Course file includes material that is related to the course such as: Course syllabus, course description, text-book used, samples of quizzes, homework’s and tests used. etc..
8. Actively participates in faculty training activities
9. Where appropriate, represents college at professional conferences and seminars, aimed at sharing research outcomes and building interdisciplinary collaboration within and outside the department
10 As appropriate, establishes collaborative links outside the college with industrial, commercial and public organizations
11. Actively contributes to the development, planning and implementation of a high quality curriculum
12. Participates in Departmental periodical meetings
13. Promotes and conducts research and community research work as required by the department
14. Contribute to the efforts and projects to achieve different quality requirements of the colleges, in accordance to the requirements and standards of the national commission for academic accreditation & assessment (NCAAA)


Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering

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