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Career Counselor at ARAMCO

The Leadership Development Division is looking for a Career Counselor to help drive Saudi Armco forward with their learning technology. Leadership Development Division (LDD) sits within the Management & Professional Development Department. We provide a variety of leadership and professional development courses to Saudi Aramco professionals and chief position holders. Our current registration and learning application process is manual and we plan to automate this with the SABA LMS system. Automating this process will allow us to manage most effectively the number of programs that continues to increase. In addition, an automated system will enable us to improve our quality control and have the right person in the right program at the right time. In the current process, participants are unable to register themselves for our programs. This automated system will give them the autonomy to do this while ensuring certain criteria are met as filters are built into the system. Participants will also be able to manage their pre-work and business applications via download; minimizing and/or eliminating emails around this entire process. This role is essential in establishing a world-class registration, learning and application process that will be the envy of other global organizations.

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