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Muhammad Ali Al-Sibei

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

AL-KHURMAH – Traffic departments are no longer renewing istimaras (vehicle registrations) of car models older than 1990.

A source in Taif Traffic Department said the regulation aims at phasing out rust buckets and gas guzzlers from the roads for a safer traffic system and to curb pollution.

The source said owners of vehicles older than 1990 will not be able to renew vehicle registrations as of now. They will be allowed to cancel the number plates once their vehicles are declared scrap.

Istimaras can now be renewed from the comfort of one’s home through Abshir e-service of the Ministry of Interior provided the vehicle owner has a valid MVPI, which is automatically entered in the system when an MVPI is done, he has a valid car insurance, no traffic violations, and registration fee is paid.

via No renewal of istimaras of car models older than ’90 | Front Page | Saudi Gazette.

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