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Kanoo Group “Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Co. Ltd.”
Arabia is looking for ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINERS.

The main responsibility of a teacher is to help your students understand English, speak it and be able to write and read it. Your duties will range from the preparation of course work, planning of classes and the marking of work handed in. On top of this you will also have to arrange any extracurricular activities and set targets for your pupils. You will of course spend a lot of time writing on blackboards and will also be responsible for the safety of pupils during your lessons.

Typical duties include:

Advising student on career issues.
Organising and delivering classroom lectures to students.
Evaluating a students’ class work and assignments.
Preparing classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts.
Recording and maintain accurate student attendance records and grades.
Classroom management.
Developing English lesson plans in line with the National Curriculum.
Maintaining discipline in the classroom.
Creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere.


Personal qualities required

You must be a good communicator as you will be on many occasions communicating with parents and also other trainging staff & mangment.
Ability to work in stressful situations and under pressure.
Good listening skills.
Planning and organisational skills.

This site aims to help teachers and schools in every possible way. When we train a child, we train a nation. By helping those who teach and train our children, we help build a better nation. -Train a child, change a nation.

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  1. Amany 6 years ago

    Kindly inform how to contact you .

    Dr.Amany Alheday.

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