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1- Teaches students in accordance with the educational curriculum as assigned by the Employer’s management and continues to improve and upgrade the learning standards in accordance with modern educational techniques.

2 Participates in all school activities as directed by the school administration, including research, exhibitions, presentations, courses, etc.

3- Evaluates students\’ progress, prepares and gives lessons, sets and marks test papers and examinations, corrects students\’ exams and provides educational and behavioral guidance to students, etc

4- Reports to the Head of the Department/ Coordinators/ Head of Administration/ School Principal on all activities and duties undertaken, improves standards of education both within his/her specialized subject(s) and in general..

5- Attends to all duties in a smart, clean and presentable manner.

6-Teaches and guides students in accordance with the laws, regulations, customs and traditions of the Kingdom;

7- Assists, guides, encourages and counsels students who are below average in their learning, in order to achieve improvements.

.8- Ensures that all teaching and associated duties are completed satisfactorily, within established time schedules and to the standards required by the employer.

9- Maintains the strictest confidentiality when discussing individual student affair with other persons, this should be restricted to only those with a professional need to be informed.

10- Obeys and adheres to all policies and procedures, regulations and management instructions as issued and published by the Employer.

11- Performs other duties as may be directed by the Coordinator/Head of Department/ Head of Administration/ School Principal that are within his/her professional knowledge and competence. (E.g. Substitution, preparing worksheets, quizzes, etc).

12- Cooperates closely with all other members of staff to achieve common objectives and to present a favorable public image of the school and its management.

13- Follows and applies latest technology techniques in education and method of teaching introduced by school through workshops and online recommended courses.

14- Prepares lesson plans following scope and sequence.

15- Contributes to the preparation of action plans.

16-Manages students’ behavior to ensure a healthy educational environment.


– English proficiency.
– A sound knowledge of subject
– The ability to establish a caring and warm class environment.
– Patience.


This site aims to help teachers and schools in every possible way. When we train a child, we train a nation. By helping those who teach and train our children, we help build a better nation. -Train a child, change a nation.

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