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Would you like to be a MEET Education consultant? Do you want to contribute and help teachers with their professional development? Would you like to be a part of a fast growing Middle East-based organization promoting teacher education and professional development for teachers and employees throughout the GCC region? MEET now gives you a chance to add the valuable title, “MEET Education Consultant” to your CV’s and LinkedIn profiles.

We are looking for educators in the following cities/countries to deliver professional development courses and teacher education courses (including school development courses). Only two consultants per city will be chosen. Apply today!

1. Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Riyadh, AlKhobar, Madinah, Taif, Yanbu

2. Qatar


3. Bahrain


4. Kuwait

5. Oman


6. United Arab Emirates

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, Al Ain


* All our consultants are entitled for a percentage from the course fee from each candidate they bring to enroll. There should be a minimum of ten candidates for any chosen course from the list. The consultant will receive the percentage of all the candidates on the first day of the session.

* MEET consultants are entitled to use our title given to them, “MEET Education Consultant” after they have passed the initial assessment. This will be a boost to their CV’s and profiles, thus increasing their chances for better job prospects.

* Chance to attend the conference at MEET’s expense every year at their chosen location.

* If the consultant is qualified as a trainer, he or she will administer or train the course for MEET, in case the MEET trainer is unavailable. In this case, the consultant will receive the hourly compensation.

* After passing the initial assessment, the consultant will be given a letter of recommendation and a certificate of appreciation, signed and stamped by our company.

**This is an excellent opportunity for full-time teachers who’d like to passionately contribute to professional development of teachers in the Middle East region**

CONTACT US TODAY! Send us an e-mail with your CV at masterenglish@teachers.org with the subject line, “MEET Education Consultant”.

via Master English Education & Training.

This site aims to help teachers and schools in every possible way. When we train a child, we train a nation. By helping those who teach and train our children, we help build a better nation. -Train a child, change a nation.

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