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To support capacity building of the nurse workforce by facilitating communication and cooperation across Hospitals and Centers related to education and a spirit of inquiry. Promotes and supports professional practice and lifelong learning as an essential and integral component of the professional nursing practice. Builds a high performance team for assigned NED ‘Unit’.

1. Actively pursues new developments in Nursing education and training fields and participates in activities that promote quality of services.
2. Assists in the continuous improvement of processes, policies and procedures involved in the educational activities and administration of the assigned NED ‘Unit’.
3. Coordinates hospital-wide compliance with KFMC standards, Nursing standards, JCI standards, and assumes direction of special projects as necessary.
4. Reviews and recommends changes to the evidence-based curriculum developed by Nurse Educators.
5. Ensures curriculum is based on the current competency base educational approach, the HOPE model and the KFMC and Nursing Services vision, mission and values.
6. Utilizes and conducts nursing research relevant to nursing education and the work being accomplished in their area of responsibility/NED ‘Unit’.
7. Ensures all educational requests, related to assign NED ‘Unit’, are being met in a timely manner.
8. Prepares the annual education calendar in collaboration with Nurse Educators for assigned area of responsibility and collaborates with other Senior Nurse Educators to complete the Nursing Services annual education calendar.
9. Conducts annual review of education programs to ensure they meet the latest evidence.
10. Conducts routine meetings with Nurse Educators to review the progress of educational plans and activities and includes the Clinical Instructors when needed.
11. Responsible for the fiscal management of Nursing Education operations to ensure proper utilization of organization’s financial resources.
12. Seeks advice of the Director of Nursing Education Department for requested resource intensive educational programs.
13. Evaluates effectiveness and cost benefits of nursing education programs to meet the organizational mission, vision, values, goals and objectives.
14. CoachesNurse Educators, Clinical Instructors, and other immediate subordinates by providing feedback and constructive critique of work, facilitating the development of their problem solving and decision making skills.
15. Conducts performance appraisals and performance management activities for the Nurse Educators and NED ‘Unit’ secretary(s).
16. Participates in the development of Nurse Educators and Clinical Instructors around the various adult learning styles, methods of instructional design and group dynamics.
17. Provides leadership and management to Nurse Educators within the assigned NED ‘Unit’.
18. Collaborates with the Director of Nursing and other Senior Nurse Educators to ensure education is coordinated and inclusive across all hospitals and centers.
19. Provides education to staff nurses and clinical leaders related to area of specialization.
20. Reviews the leave planner prepared by the Nurse Educators to ensure coverage is appropriate to meet the educational needs of assigned areas of responsibility.
21. Reviews and approves the performance appraisals completed by the Nurse Educators for the Clinical Instructors.
22. Acts as a resource to Nurse Educators, Clinical Instructors and secretarial staff within the Nursing Education Department.
23. Participates in committees, task forces and projects, as assigned.
24. Leads and/or participates in quality improvement processes, projects and activities related to education and clinical practice.


Minimum Education: A minimum of BS in Nursing, Education or related discipline, or equivalent education according to Nursing Credentialing Criteria
Minimum Experience: 9 years in area of specialty.
Required Licenses/Certifications: • Current Registered Nurse licensure from country of origin required.
• Maintains a valid Saudi Commission for Health Specialties registration.
• BLS Certification
Other Requirements: Knowledge of:
• E-Learning
• Nursing Informatics
• Simulation
• Evidence Based Practice
• Nursing Research
• Curriculum Development

This site aims to help teachers and schools in every possible way. When we train a child, we train a nation. By helping those who teach and train our children, we help build a better nation. -Train a child, change a nation.

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