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Fifteen female teachers from a Jeddah school are due to appear in court to answer charges of committing a crime they claim they had nothing to do with, burnews.com online paper said.

The teachers reportedly received warnings from a business firm alleging that they were required to pay SR2.6 million for air conditioners they purchased on an installment basis for the school, the paper said. The teachers have categorically denied the company’s allegations.

The warnings were accompanied by contracts purportedly signed by the teachers. However, the signatures were found to have been forged.

Later, the teachers discovered that another teacher working in the same school had prepared the documents which included their forged signatures and a school stamp, and forwarded them to the business firm engaged in the selling of electrical appliances, the paper said.

A legal adviser said the teacher involved in the falsification of documents will face a series of charges including forgery and misuse of office,the paper said.

via Teachers told to pay SR2.6m for air conditioners | Arab News.

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