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Vacancies: Coordinator-University of Business and Technology-Jeddah

Academic Affairs Coordinator


Job purpose:

To Coordinate in all initiatives within the Division of Academic Affairs, including the completion, implementation, and coordination of the Academic Affairs’ programs & Assessment Plan. The Coordinator will assist the college’s academic administrators, deans, department chairs, and faculty in developing programs, Assessment plans and strategies by providing resources and individualized assistance to college faculty on all aspects related to student learning outcomes and initiating professional development offerings to further engage faculty in assessing student learning outcomes.

Major Areas Of Responsibility:

• Support students life and learning through student advocacy, academic coaching, customer service, campus and community referrals and institutional outreach and course scheduling.
• Works closely with all campus departments to support student success and persistence endeavors.
• Serves as the primary contact for the Student Services Department and works closely with the Director/Dean to support the Student Services functions of the department.
• Manages and processes all incoming documents from students and faculty. This includes but is not limited to registration, graduation and transcript requests.
• Manages the student record filing process. This includes annual audits of files and forms, updated student records and tracking student records.
• With the assistance of student workers, manages service counter, faxes, deliveries, identification cards and interoffice mail.

Duties & responsibility:

1. Serve as point of contact relative to any issue related to academic program.
2. Meets regularly with the Dean to communicate all activities within area of responsibility.
3. Leads the recruitment efforts for the program and coordinate with the Dean and the enrollment department.
4. Assures that all faculty members are assisting with student advising and provides current, accurate information.
5. Coordinates faculty review and selection of textbooks.
6. Updates, researches, and orders textbooks.
7. Train instructors on Opera system of grade and attendance.
8. Recommends the purchase of library acquisitions
9. Assists the Dean in completing paperwork to submit to the Curriculum Committee.
10. Maintains a list of qualified adjunct faculty and substitutes.
11. Assists with the recruiting, orientation, mentoring and evaluation of adjunct faculty.
12. Makes recommendations to the Dean for curriculum changes, including new programs and/or certificates.
13. Conducts curriculum and program evaluations on a continual basis using continuous process improvement techniques.
14. Makes recommendations to the Dean regarding the goals, objectives, priorities and strategies used within the program.
15. Leads all activities related to accreditation (i.e., NCAAA, AACSB, etc.)
16. Leads in the development of both a long-range and a short-range strategic plan for the program.
17. Identifies all classes to be included in the schedule
18. Provides recommendations to the Dean relative to faculty loads and course schedule.
19. Prepare folders include instructor’s schedule, academic calendar, instructor manual for new instructors before beginning of each semester.
20. Assists the Dean with the budgeting process
21. Assists the committee chair in developing the meeting agenda.
22. Improve the working methods by applying recommended performance standards to reach the highest level of total quality in work performance.

Qualification & Education:

Bachelors’ degree in an academic discipline.

Experiences :

3 years experience working in an academic Program Coordinator role, preferably in a post secondary institution.


• Ability to effectively evaluate situations and make decisions.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with a diverse group of individuals, both internal and external.
• Ability to do arithmetic computations.
• Ability to analyze data, draw conclusions and make recommendations.
• Ability to comprehend and follow oral and written instructions.
• Knowledge of academic programs at the graduate level.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Understand current trends in Student Services and higher education.
• Ability to work independently or in a team. Interact effectively and work collaboratively with other departments.
• Strong interpersonal skills with both faculty, staff and student populations.
• Fluent in English and Arabic.


Industrial Management, Engineering

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